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Fleet Ad Media offers a wide range of services to accommodate a variety of needs. All campaigns include mobile digital ad display on our billboard truck, supported by ongoing retargeting. 

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Expert Location Targeting

Our local experts identify the best routes, stop-points, & locations to ensure maximum reach to your target audience.

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Mobile Billboard Advertising

Our fleet of LED digital advertising trucks provide a mobile or stationary display of your media from up to three screens.


What is Fleet Fencing?

Fleet Fencing is our unique approach to location retargeting to your advertising audience.

During advertising campaigns, we set up virtual fields, which deliver your ads to your targets' cell phones when they enter the field.

We strengthen your on-location presence and retarget your relevant audience for 30 days based on behavioral, demographic, and geographical data.

We will be able to not only maximize your ROI, but track it and generate reports with comprehensive insight into the complete reach of your campaign.



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Shared Campaign

Display your ad along with others on high-traffic routes or at targeted locations. Our budget-friendly Shared Campaign package gets your message out to the masses. By showcasing your ad in a rotating sequence, you can access hundreds of thousands of impressions at a cost-effective rate. Deepen your impact by retargeting with Fleet Fencing.

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Lead Campaign

Unlock greater reach and visibility with a Lead Campaign, which displays your ad every other slot in a Shared Campaign rotation from our mobile digital billboard. As a more aggressive outreach campaign, a Fleet Ad Media's Lead Campaign allows you to get more reach with your ads and increase your impressions over the following 30 days with Fleet Fencing and retargeting.

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Exclusive Campaign

Book our digital billboard truck for an Exclusive Campaign to display your ad or ad series in a dedicated session. We coordinate with you to set the preferred time, duration and location or route. After the ad session, our Fleet Fencing provides opportunities to exponentially increase impressions with ad retargeting for 30 days.

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Special Events

Our digital billboard can be used for more than just advertising, with capability to display a wide variety of audio/visual entertainment and media. Book us to enhance your special occasion with our mobile media truck. Special events include (but not limited to) birthdays, funerals, weddings, celebrations, and more.

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